So where are all the women entrepreneurs at?

So, where are all the women entrepreneurs at?

All over the world, women determined to make it as entrepreneurs are turning their dreams and ideas into innovative startups. But we’re not living in a woman’s world just yet. Take a look at Australia, for instance, where only one in four startups is founded by a woman. So, where are all the women entrepreneurs at? On their way to success is where! According to Forbes, the female startup community’s future is looking brighter than what is commonly assumed. And the women entrepreneurs of Belgium? They’re on a roll, too!

Meet our very own women entrepreneurs

Strong supporters of female entrepreneurship, Start it@kbc and Telenet Kickstart feel particularly proud of the numerous inspiring women they helped turn their startups into blooming businesses.

Eager to meet some of them? Prepare to be amazed!


  • Founder of Chalo Gita van den Boer launched her own line of Indian Chai Latte, containing only natural ingredients and home-delivered via a sustainable delivery service. Gita donates a part of her revenue to an Indian charity.
  • Ann Dries is the founder of Best Local. Her startup helps European and Asian business ventures to establish partnerships with each other, creating win-win collaborations.
  • Remember the amazing story of ScriptBook? Founder Nadira Azermai is the brains behind the ingenious algorithm that predicts box office hits.
  • Leading an innovative fashion brand that reconciles clothing with cutting-edge technology? That’s exactly Jasna Rokegem from Jasna Rok’s cup of tea.
  • Founder of Elegnano and UNIZO Starter of the Year 2015 Katrien Herdewyn also combines fashion and technology, designing and manufacturing some pretty innovative footwear.
  • Sisters Marion and Hendrikje Meyvis founded Carpet of Life, an innovative business that turns discarded clothes into unique carpets.
  • Wendy Geeraert and Anna Praet are co-founders, and CEO and CFO, of Co-libry, a personalized real estate platform.

What venture capitalists want

Are you a talented and ambitious woman with an innovative business idea, but not quite sure whether you’re ready to start fundraising? Then Sandy Plunkett, founder of consultancy firm Innovation Clearinghouse, has something she’d like to say to you:


“Women tend to want everything to be perfect before they look for funding, and try to be all-rounders, but this is not what venture capitalists want. If you are trying to get funded in a male-dominated funding industry, then wow them with one gigantic fact that makes you really different. All the other stuff, the VCs think they can put together over time.”


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