Telenet Kickstart boosts the Belgian start-up community. Through structural partnerships with leading incubators and accelerators, we provide mentoring and coaching to early stage (digital) entrepreneurs, teaching them how to turn their innovative ideas into scalable and market-ready businesses. In addition, we organise international start-up trips and networking events. 

Start it @kbc

Start it @kbc began in 2013. Since then, it has been an early stage incubator for starting entrepreneurs with novel ideas. It has hubs all over Belgium: Antwerp, Hasselt, Louvain, Ghent, Kortrijk and Brussels. With its 370 start-ups –and counting–, it is Belgium’s largest incubator. More info:


Imec.istart welcomes general ICT related business ideas, but also offers special tracks for projects in eHealth, Logistics & Mobility, Media, Telecom & Entertainment, and Space Technology.
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Stimulate idea generation through hackatons

Hack4Sports 2016
Encouraging innovation in sports: exploring opportunities and developing ideas for new solutions. More info:


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