Tech startup in need of a boost?

Tech startup in need of a boost? Discover imec.istart’s new accelerator programme for start-ups active in the media, telecom and entertainment sectors

Passionate about media, telecom and digital entertainment, you had a great idea for an innovative tech startup and decided to run with it. You created a prototype, which is all good to go. Now what? Time to sign up for imec.istart is what! Globally appraised, this business accelerator programme offers Belgian tech startups all the support they need to take it to the next level. What’s more, imec.istart has recently partnered with Telenet Kickstart and other leading organisations to launch a new track devoted to startups in the media, telecom and entertainment sector.

Expert support: the key to tech startup success

Imec.istart strives to offer tech startups the best support they can get in their particular field. This includes funding up to 50.000 EUR coming from the imec.istart fund and an additional 50.000 EUR for those startups that get accepted to the Media, Telecom and Entertainment track. The starters also receive access to working facilities, although imec’s main focus still lies on business development. Sven De Cleyn, Programme Manager at imec.istart, elaborates:
“Imec aims to deliver dedicated coaching in the form of workshops and expert one-to-one advice. Because digitization is evolving so rapidly and more and more tech startups are taking their chance in the media, telecom and entertainment sector, we reached out to players such as Telenet to put together a team of industry experts and add a new track to the imec.istart programme.”
Next to Telenet, other partners of imec.istart’s Media, Telecom and Entertainment track include Barco, Mediahuis, Medialaan, VRT Sandbox and MediaNet Vlaanderen.

3 tips to stand out from the crowd

Last year, no less than 130 startups signed up for imec.istart, 19 of which made it through the final selection. Want to make sure you’ll stand out from the crowd? Sven De Cleyn was more than happy to share a few tips:


  • Prove that the problem your startup wants to solve is relevant. Conduct market research, interview your target audience, …
  • Define your ambitions. Do you want to achieve international success? Do you have any specific business partners in mind, and, if so, how will you approach them?
  • Unity is strength, so team up! Remember that you’re not only selling a product to the jury, you’re also selling your dream team. Emphasize what makes your team an asset to your future business.

Sign up your startup!

Does your startup meet all requirements to take part in the imec.istart (Media, Telecom and Entertainment) programme? Then don’t hesitate to sign up now! Registration closes on February 1, 2017.