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Brussels is bustling. We are boosting the city for you with our blazing fast internet, our smart WiFi and our high-speed 4G¹ so all inhabitants of Brussels² can enjoy their city to the full.

BXL Welcome offer


All of Telenet for only € 30/month the first 5 months?
It's our welcome offer to all inhabitants of Brussels. Help yourself:


* Note: the channel cards are snapshots, so they may not be completely up-to-date. We adjust them regularly.

** Watch and chat on the go without touching your mobile data allowance5.

À partir du 4 août 2019, nous adaptons les tarifs de certains services.
Consultez les nouveaux tarifs.


Telenet is offering:

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Easy switch: switching providers is as easy as 1,2,3...
Switching to Telenet? You decide, we take care of the rest6. More
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The fastest internet
The fastest internet. Officially. Via Ookla, the world authority on internet speed. More
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Ultrafast 4G¹
So you’ll always be connected, wherever you are. More
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The smartest WiFi in every corner of your home
Surfing everywhere without problems. More
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Forget about TV and discover Telenet TV!
Telenet TV offers an entirely new TV experience. More
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Smooth service
We’ll be happy to solve all your problems and answer any question. More


Basé sur des mesures de la vitesse de téléchargement 4G (vitesse moyenne pour des sessions de données à durée déterminée) par l’agence indépendante Commsquare en décembre 2018 (Flandre) : 86,2Mbps (Telenet/Base), 81,4Mbps (Proximus), 65,6Mbps (Orange) et en février 2019 (Bruxelles) : 85,1Mbps (Telenet/Base), 80,2Mbps (Proximus), 56,9Mbps (Orange). Un véhicule équipé de différents récepteurs a parcouru environ 5.800 km en Flandre et 380 km à Bruxelles afin de mesurer la qualité du réseau 4G des différents opérateurs. Au total, environ 2.700 (2.200 en Flandre, 500 à Bruxelles) sessions de données ont été réalisées par opérateur. Plus d’infos : voir le rapport Commsquare.


² Offer valid from 5 November 2018 until 23 June 2019 in postcode areas in Brussels where Telenet is available. A monthly discount is given on the first 5 payment statements following activation so that you only pay the above-mentioned promotional prices for the first 5 months. When the promotion is over standard rates will apply.
Offer only valid when concluding a contract for: 

Internet Fiber 200* + Telenet TV, or
Internet Fiber 100* + Telenet TV + FreePhone Europe, or
Internet Fiber 200* + Telenet TV + FreePhone Europe, or
Internet Fiber 200* + Telenet TV + FreePhone Europe + unlimited calls (fixed and mobile) + 4G.
Internet must always be a new service. The discount expires if the customer switches to a different product. This offer cannot be combined with other actions and promotions.


* Telenet offers fibre-to-the-node - local distribution network in cable. Tenelet network management applies. The listed download speed is theoretical; actual internet speeds can be influenced by internet traffic and other technical factors. Internet speeds will temporarily be limited in case of intensive use during peak hours.


Fastest internet: based on measurements of fixed internet speed by independent research agency Ookla in Q2-Q3 2018 (more info -


FreePhone Europe: During off-peak hours you get up to 2000 min. to 40 countries. Fixed telephony with Freephone Europe: during off-peak hours (4 pm - 8 am), on bank holidays and on weekends you get unlimited calls to fixed numbers in Belgium; you have a bundle of 2,000 minutes per month to call mobile numbers in Belgium, fixed and mobile numbers in Europe, the US and Canada as well as fixed numbers in Morocco and Turkey. Leftover minutes are not transferrable to the following month. Additional consumption is charged at the tariffs listed at Only for normal residential use.
Fixed and mobile numbers: Andorra, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, the US, Sweden and Switzerland.
Fixed numbers: Turkey and Morocco (Maroc Telecom numbers with prefix 522, 523, 524, 528, 535, 536, 537, 539).


Triiing: You get free and unlimited calls day and night to all Belgian fixed numbers, via any WiFi connection anywhere in the world. You get 2,000 call minutes for free calls to all mobile numbers in Belgium, all fixed and mobile numbers in Europe*, the US and Canada, and to all fixed numbers in Turkey and Morocco (Maroc Telecom numbers with prefix 522, 523, 524, 528, 535, 536, 537, 539). Your call minutes can be used all day long. Are you calling a different destination or are your 2,000 minutes used up? Then you’re calling at Triiing-tarieven.

3 Unlimited surfing with Internet Fiber 200: internet speeds may temporarily be limited in case of intensive use during peak hours.

Basic internet: included volume: 150 GB.
Internet Fiber 100: included volume: 200 GB.

4 Unlimited calls and texts, anytime, anywhere, both fixed and mobile: Unlimited texts and calls - within Belgium to Belgian numbers and within the EU zone to numbers from within the EU zone but with the exception of special numbers and third-party services - are always included in the price of WIGO, under normal use as stipulated in the conditions for normal use within the scope of an unlimited offer for fixed and/or mobile telephony voorwaarden voor een normaal gebruik in het kader van een onbeperkt aanbod vaste en/of mobiele telefonie. International calls via Triiing: you can only call via Triiing on a limited number of devices.

Free G :

Free G is only available for WIGO customers following activation by the customer. With Free G in addition to your standard data allowance you get an additional mobile data allowance for a selection of apps (Yelo Play, Play Sports, Facebook Messenger (except for the games), WhatsApp, hereinafter jointly called the "Free G-apps"). Play Sports Play Sports requires a separate subscription. With Free G the following restrictions apply for the data use of the Free G apps per WIGO subscription, depending on the WIGO type and per monthly statement period:

  • in Belgium: max. 20 GB (WIGO 4 GB), max. 40 GB (WIGO 9 GB), max. 100 GB (WIGO 25 GB, WIGO 40 GB and WIGO Unlimited);
  • in other EU member states: max. 4 GB (WIGO 4 GB), max. 7 GB (WIGO 9 GB), max. 12 GB (WIGO 25 GB), max. 18 GB (WIGO 40 GB) and max. 33 GB (WIGO Unlimited).

If you exceed user limits with your Free G apps then Free G will no longer be available for the remainder of that statement period and your data consumption of the Free G apps will be transferred from your standard mobile data allowance to your WIGO. When your standard mobile data allowance in your WIGO is used up (or, in the case of WIGO Unlimited, when the internet speed is lowered), Free G will also be unavailable for the remainder of that statement period, even if the above Free G user limits have not yet been reached. Go to for more details.

Telenet reserves the right to replace the Free G apps with similar apps Based on decisions by competent authorities Telenet may be forced to adjust its offer (e.g. user limit adjustments). Following activation of Free G you get an additional mobile data allowance with, depending on your WIGO type, between 20 and 100 GB (in Belgium) and between 4 and 33 GB (in other EU countries) of additional data to be used for the above-mentioned apps. More info and conditions at


6 Easy Switch: Depending on your contract with your previous operator you may have to pay compensation or a residual value. Or you may have to return a device.

Telenet TV on all your screens: Telenet TV can be watched simultaneously on a limited number of screens. For every TV screen you need a digicorder, digibox, SmartTV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV or similar device. Read the "Gebruiksvoorwaarden Yelo Play (Terms of Use Yelo Play)".

Exclusive programs:
Dutch version: paying subscription Play, Play More and Play Sports, not included in the promotion.

French version: paying subscription Be tv, Be tv Sport, RTL Séries Pass, thematic channels not included in the promotion.

Watching programs via 3G and 4G in the EU: Some programs, films and series are not available on all networks. Go to for more details.