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Are you a trend-aware and tech-savvy sales natural with a gift of the gab? Wow, you need to get started at a Telenet or BASE shop right away! Press 'play' to let our experience experts tell you why you need to become their new colleague and scroll down for more information.


Your job?

You’ll be the face of the Telenet or BASE shop, the lifesaver and the customer-friendly advisor. You welcome the customers with open arms, answering questions about our products and dispensing advice about the internet, TV, telephony and entertainment.


How you make a difference

You make a difference by listening attentively, asking the right questions and thinking proactively. With that information in hand, you offer solutions and recommend perfectly tailor-made products and packages.


Working in one of our shops, involves ...

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Customer-oriented thinking.

Sure, targets matter to our salespeople, too. But there are no sales for sales’ sake at our shops. This is where you get to know your customers, analyzing what’s important to him or her. Can he or she get a better or cheaper package? Then we just let him or her know.

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Kit Harington, Emma Watson, your future lover or your granny? No, you never know who might be walking into the shop next. Every person, each question is different. Adapting to the customer ànd his / her situation is part of the job and one of the challenges.


Does this have “you” written all over it?

We are looking for spontaneous, smooth, tech-savvy and trend-aware conversationalists.

  • You’re a universal chatterbox.
  • You’re inquisitive by nature.
  • You ooze charisma and radiate enthusiasm.
  • You’re eager to learn and want to keep growing as a salesperson.
  • You have a knack for convincing people.
  • You know how to handle a healthy dose of stress.
  • You look smart and fresh.
  • You monitor all current mobile, smartphone, telephony, media and information technology trends closely.
  • Commercial experience? That’s definitely a plus.

What we offer

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Cutting edge technology

An Apple or a Samsung? Play More or Play Sports? When it comes to connectivity and technology, we are trailblazing trendsetters. As a salesperson you always get to offer the most innovative and trendy products.

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Ever visited a Telenet or BASE shop before? The workplace is hip, the atmosphere is great, and the team spirit is tangible. Your colleagues are dynamic, motivated people who are in touch with what’s going on and always ready to help.

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We’ll train

No, you won’t be thrown into the deep end. An experienced sales trainer will give you (depending on the shop) 4 or 6 weeks training and your colleagues will support you with hints and tricks all the way. And you can develop your skills as you go, growing in your job.

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Part-time or

In the majority of our shops it’s completely up to you whether you want to work part-time or full-time. Choose what works best for you!


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