Web Developer

BeCode opens the door to the Internet of Things

After a successful internship of 3 months, Adrian has been recruited with a permanent contract in the Innovation Center of Telenet where all kinds of new technologies in connectivity, entertainment, value added services and customer experiences are tested. We are currently focusing on 5G and the Internet of Things. “I am very pleased that through my training with BeCode I got the opportunity to work as an intern at Telenet and that I can now officially start here as Innovation Developer. The Internet of Things is a truly fascinating world.”

The digital economy increases the need for people with STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics) skills. The figures speak for themselves: by 2020 there will be nearly 230,000 ICT jobs in Belgium. It’s expected that over 30,000 of these job vacancies will not be filled due to a shortage of qualified people with a technical background.


BeCode wants to take on this challenge and offers youngsters and adults in Brussels and Charleroi the possibility to follow a professional training to become web developer or designer. Telenet is one of the founding parts of this initiative. Together with many other players from civil society, government and industry we give underprivileged youngsters and adults the opportunity to hone their digital skills and find their way onto the labor market. At Telenet we’re also looking for people with STEM skills. So naturally we welcome BeCode students with open arms for a hands-on internship.

Innovative study method

Although Adrian worked for half a year as an electrician, he felt it was not really his thing. “I liked the logical reasoning which it involved, but the practical implementation was not really my cup of tea.” And so he went in search of a special training course in ‘programming’.


The BeCode training encompasses a mix of front-end development (what you see on screen, with HTML, CSS, Javascript), back-end development (behind the scenes, the functionalities), programming of connected objects, etc. In short, everything to do with websites or web applications.


“What I find so positive about BeCode is the unconventional way of teaching. The trainers give you an assignment and explain the fundamentals, but after that it is up to you to explore. The students help each other, and of course you can always get help from the trainer if you are stuck. BeCode is really an ideal school for starters who want to work in a digital environment.”

Helping to shape the future with IoT

“There are different programming languages. But once you’ve grasped the logic, there is so much more you can do. Here at Telenet, for example, I get the opportunity to collaborate on several IoT projects. It’s very different from building websites, but my mind is really made up now: I want to help shape the future with IoT.”


Adrian is working on a project to transform the Telenet Innovation Center into a smart home. “Eventually we want to connect as many appliances and facilities as possible to the Internet: entrance doors, lighting, heating, security cameras, computers etc., so that everything can be remotely controlled. Amazon Alexa, a smart personal assistant, is designed to make everything as simple as possible.”

BeCode opens doors

At the Telenet Innovation Center, they are more than happy to welcome Adrian as a new member of the team: “Adrian has worked as an intern in my team for three months. His enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, proactive attitude and can-do mindset left a big impression on me, and this is being rewarded.”, says Rajiv Seesurn, Director Innovation Center.


Since mid-February Adrian officially joined the Telenet’s Innovation Center. Good luck!