Transformation Architecture

Supporting IT transformations

Daniel joined Telenet as a consultant in 2010. Soon he wanted to become a part of our yellow family. Today he is Transformation Architect and supports large IT change projects. In his spare time, he also takes care of the IT system of a sports club where he also gives group lessons!


With a degree ‘business psychology’ in his pocket, Daniel took his chance as an IT consultant. In other words: guiding IT projects, but from the perspective of 'cultural change', education, training and communication. "I always had a healthy interest in IT and everything related to it". As a consultant, Daniel supervised projects in various companies, giving him extensive knowledge of the energy and telecom landscape.


At a certain moment, he ended up at Telenet as a Functional Analyst to work on the underlying program used in the call centers. In simple terms: outlining the program; 'when I click button X, action Y should happen'. "I was pleasantly surprised by Telenet's corporate culture. From day 1 that I came here as a consultant, I already felt a 'special vibe'. It's like there’s something in the air here. I was very happy when I got the chance to become a part of this yellow family with a permanent contract.”  And so it happened...

Largest IT-transformation

Today Daniel is ‘Transformation Architect’ within the department "IT Strategy & Architecture". Over the last few years, Telenet acquired several companies (BASE Company in 2016, SFR BeLux in 2017 and NEXTEL in 2018). And of course, all these companies have their own IT programs, and they do not communicate with each other. "We are now building a completely new IT program for the entire company. That is quite a challenge!” An enormous IT transformation and at the same time Daniel and the Architecture team are facilitating our marketing department for new product launches. "These new product launches must be integrated into both existing and new systems. So that at the time of the transition the customer won't notice anything.”


A few years ago, Daniel decided to combine his interest in IT with his passion for fitness. "I work as a consultant for a small fitness club: I manage their IT system and at the same time I compose the timetables.” And that on top of his full-time job at Telenet. "I think I spent more or less 10 hours on it in the evenings and weekends. The flexible hours at Telenet and the fact that I can work from different locations make that I can still combine it with my job.”


Daniel, as a certified Les Mills pro-instructor, also gives group lessons: BodyPump, BodyBalance, Body Attack and Cxworx! "I already went twice to New Zealand where the head office of Les Mills is located. I went for a short training, but soon lost my heart... and stayed there for an entire month! Nature is so incredibly beautiful and the people are so generous and friendly. I am now trying to spread this mentality a little more in Belgium.”

Flair for languages

Daniel is at home in two countries by the way. He was born and raised in Germany, but he did his secondary education in French in Wallonia and continued his studies in Dutch in Brussels. Now he also takes Spanish courses in evening school to be able to get along on vacation. Add quite some English to that and that is what makes Daniel pentalingual!