Telenet Business

From child care studies to project leader at Telenet Business

She’s taken a rather unusual route to where she is now: Saartje is a project leader at Telenet Business. In the same way that she was highly motivated to find a job that really suited her, you’ll find her to be just as enthusiastic in the sports club in the evening, six days a week!

After her child care studies, she was diagnosed with a hernia. A diagnosis with serious consequences. "A job as a childcare worker would have been too stressful. And because of other injuries, I also had to throw in the towel as a korfball player. Which was a shame, because I was a member of the national team."

Saartje didn’t simply give up though, and considered what sort of job she could do. She found a job in the Telenet call center. "A very instructive experience. Because there, you find out what our customers really want or need."

Taking your career into your own hands

But this was still not really her thing. She attended a course as an administrative clerk, which led to a job within Telenet Business. First as an administrative assistant, and today as a Nexus Project Leader.

Nexus is a project in which we are investing 9.5 million euro over a period of five years in order to connect SME zones and industrial sites to our network. "It may occur that we get contacted by a company that wants to become a customer, but this isn’t possible because the cable has not yet been laid. Or it may also be that we spontaneously decide to provide an industrial park with a Telenet network without there being any specific demand for it. Of course, we then launch campaigns afterwards to convince as many companies as possible to become customers."

As a project leader, Saartje is responsible for the complete picture. "I look for new, interesting zones and follow the project from A to Z: from ensuring that the necessary work is carried out up to sending out the salespeople."

Sport 6 days out of 7

Saartje was barely three when, just like her parents, brothers and sister, she started playing korfball. She threw her heart and soul into this, until injuries threw a spanner into the works. She couldn’t practice any sports for three long years, but, once again, Saartje didn’t give up.

"After a number of operations and lots of patience, I now play korfball three days a week and follow a bootcamp three days a week (*). Sports is just a part of me. It helps me to clear my head in the evening after work, and I get a lot of energy out of it. I really couldn’t live without it!”

And when she’s not in the sports club herself, you’ll find her in the grandstand at 'den Antwerp' (Royal Antwerp FC). “I’m one of the few ladies that have a football season ticket. Regardless of whether we’re playing at home or away, I try to be there as often as possible to encourage the team in wind and weather!"

(*) Group training under the guidance of a fitness coach with the aim of improving strength and endurance.