Telenet Business Sales

Making the difference, at work and by making music

Stéphane has been working in the telecom sector for 6 years and knows our business products inside out. He started as B2B Regional Sales Manager at BASE in 2014. Today, he is still a Sales Manager, but for Telenet Business Regional Sales. Stéphane will soon take on a new challenge within Telenet as a Sales Manager for the SOHO segment. ‘I coach and supervise our account managers, who are constantly on the road normally. Today however, due to the Coronacrisis, all their customer visits are virtual meetings of course.’ And, in his spare time, he is working on a music album 'Epsilon', which he is now selling for the benefit of the day center where his sister, who suffers from autism, is staying.

Every day is a new opportunity

As a Sales Manager, Stéphane is in daily contact with his salespeople. ‘I supervise 11 salespeople, and I want to support them as best I can. They are often alone on the road, and I sometimes call the same sales representative five times a day to assist him to the best of my ability, to discuss things or to give my advice'. Their mission? It’s twofold: on the one hand, to attract as many new customers as possible and gain a larger market share, and, on the other hand, to keep existing customers satisfied.


Moreover, every day is a new opportunity in sales. ‘It's not because you have a setback on Tuesday that you suddenly can't land a big customer on Wednesday. Every day is a new opportunity.' Our salespeople talk to companies on a daily basis to find the best solutions tailored to their needs. They listen to their needs, and try to provide an answer to their questions. And that’s different for each company. ‘And that's what makes it so fascinating. Every day is different.' The biggest challenge of Stéphane and his team? To conquer the hearts of the companies in Brussels. ‘Telenet is not yet so well-known in Brussels. This means we constantly have to explain to our (potential) customers our intention to become a national operator. It takes time, but we really believe in our ambition.’


The sales targets at Telenet are set on a monthly basis. But a good sales manager always keeps his finger on the pulse. ‘I work on my figures on a daily basis and analyze them every day: is everything running smoothly, or do we need some adjustments? After all, you don't want any surprises at the end of the month!’

Future sound engineer

Surprisingly enough, alongside his work, Stéphane focuses on something completely different: making music at home. Although he never attended music school and cannot read a score ... 'Years ago, I was inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre & Vangelis, who made electronic music with synthesizers. I bought my first analog synthesizer in the 80's, and I've now been creating my own songs for about 30 years.' Stéphane exchanges tips & tricks with other composers on forums and social media. And because he learned everything from practice, he recently enrolled in a 'sound engineer' course. ‘In order to better understand the theory behind it.’

Music makes the difference

Stéphane's younger sister has autism, and is living in a day center where disabled people do all kinds of activities together (cooking, dancing, crafts, etc.). ‘Last year, I recorded 12 tracks for my album 'Epsilon'. I now want to sell it at a price of 6 euro per USB stick, and the proceeds will, of course, go entirely to the center where my sister is staying. In this way, I want to make a difference and help my sister'.


Interested parties can listen to the teaser here, and can contact Stéphane via social media.