Social Media Advisor

Become a social media advisor!


Do you have a way with words? Are you bonkers about social media?

No, you don’t need to have 100,000 loyal followers onInstagram. You do have a way with words, though, apositive attitude, an interest in digitizationànd the get-up-and-go to make a differencefor our customers, together with your colleagues. Do those hilarious little GIFs sometimes crack you up as well, like they do Saloua, Lisa and Ridouan? Perfectomundo!


A Social Media Advisor:

- Has a ❤️ for sociale media

- Answers questions on Twitter and Facebook, for starters

- You have a cheerful, open personality

- Reponds to what is being posted online about Telenet

- Is creative, with a sense of humour

- Knows what the impact of a social post can be

- Shares the Telenet-vibe


How you make a difference

With empathy. Of course the customer wants to get the help he or she’s looking for. But it’s equallyimportant that the person sitting on the other side of the screen feels understood. By putting yourselfin his/her situation, you can make a difference. Standard replies? That’s not how Telenet works. You listen to the problem attentively, look for solutions and replyin an appropriate way. In doing so, you’ll be sure to get tons of 😊 , 👍 and 🏆 at the end of the conversation.


we offer:


We work together and we make fun together. Someone always has your back.



Together with your colleagues, you create fantastic experiences for the customers.



You work in an environment where trust is king, where you can be yourself and take full control of your job.



You get the chance to develop and continuously improve yourself. Keeping one step ahead, that is Telenet, totally. 



Become Saloua, Lisa and Ridouan’s new colleague! They are looking forspontaneous people with a healthy dose of humour and interest in thedigital world. “Bring your own style! It’s great to recognize a colleague byhis/her messages.”