Service Performance

Making the difference, at work and on the court!

There's no lack of loyalty with Jean-Denis. He has been working for our company for 17 years now and after 20 years in Belgium, this Frenchman is fully integrated. During the day he watches over the quality of our IT systems, in the evening and during the weekends he enjoys playing badminton.

Jean-Denis is one of our Operational Service Managers, as we call it. They make a difference by managing the quality of our IT services, both for internal and external users. "This can be about internal IT programs that our customer advisors use, for example, to request information about the customer, but also about the application that ensures that our customers can consult their invoices.”


What exactly does he do then? He checks the requirements of internal and external customers for certain tools, he determines the integration process of these applications, he monitors and checks that everything is working properly. "If things go wrong, I need to act quickly and make sure that the right colleagues are involved to solve the problem.” In short: he is responsible for the end-to-end quality of our IT services!

Managing ‘Easy Switch’

Since the acquisition of BASE in 2016, Jean-Denis took on some additional responsibilities. He is now also the link between our Regulatory team, our Legal team and external partners such as BIPT for number portability when customers want to change operators. After all, he knows what is technically possible, and how much time is needed to implement something. "The process must be as simple as possible for our customers. In today's fast-moving world, we need to make sure that they can change operator within 24 hours."


Jean-Denis also ensures that Artilium, the external platform on which all of our wholesale partners manage their customers, works correctly and that all 'Chinese walls' are implemented.*

Expect the unexpected

This is a very operational job, but the fact that it's so diverse, makes every day look different. "When I get up in the morning, I usually don't know what to expect. And that's exactly what keeps me going." Flexibility is a must, of course. "You have to be flexible enough to adjust your planning 'on the go'."

Team spirit

Jean-Denis is a real team player. At work, he is in contact with a lot of people from different departments. But also outside working hours, he always looks for company. Then you can find him together with his friends on the badminton court. "It's an individual sport, but as a team we also participate in a number of competitions. You don't just play for yourself but try to achieve a result for the team."


Sport gives him energy and helps him to clear his head after a busy working day. "And after the game, of course, we stay for a drink (or two). We call that our 'third halftime'. And it's at least as important! 😊”


* Telenet has access to commercially sensitive information from our wholesale customers. To prevent us from abusing such information or gaining an unfair competitive advantage, the telecommunication and competition laws require the strict application of Chinese Walls between Wholesale and Retail.