Building our network in Brussels

Benjamin has been working for Telenet for at least a year now as area manager for Brussels. He makes the difference by ensuring that the network in Brussels can be built and maintained. This is quite a challenge, as Brussels is new territory for us. In his spare time, Benjamin, who lives in Brussels, is a drummer with the nine-piece band ‘AIRPLANE’.

Benjamin is part of the ‘Build’ team that is responsible for rolling out the coax and fiber network as well as the mobile network. As area manager for the Brussels Region, he is our SPOC for the government and other utility companies for public works. His mission is to put Telenet on the map! Literally, by ensuring that the necessary works can be carried out on our network. Figuratively, by making Telenet known to our principal stakeholders.


There is a platform where all requests for public works from different companies are brought together. This allows the public authorities to keep track and avoid a particular road being broken up several times in succession. “Suppose Sibelga submits a request to lay a gas pipeline in street X; Telenet can join in the request so that our works in that street can be done at the same time.”


Benjamin keeps track of the works that Telenet needs to carry out (e.g. laying new cables or replacing underground cables), and keeps an eye on the platform to find out when the works can be carried out.

Brussels is not Flanders

Mobility and public works do not always go together. That is why Benjamin always has to keep his finger on the pulse. “It is a highly challenging job. Brussels is new territory for Telenet, and Telenet is also new to Brussels. Brussels is a big city with its own customs and rules that do not always agree with our current way of working. For instance, in Brussels there are comparatively far more people living in a smaller area. Roadworks have a bigger impact and therefore need to be very carefully coordinated.”


So Brussels calls for a different approach, which Benjamin - himself born and raised in Brussels - is now trying to work out. “I get a lot of freedom in my job, and am allowed to plan and take decisions independently; this is precisely what makes my job so interesting.”


Not content to do all this puzzling, Benjamin is on hand every Wednesday to give his best effort during rehearsals with his band AIRPLANE.

AIRPLANE: friends, instruments and a healthy dose of … fun!

During his time at secondary school, Benjamin decided to join up with some school friends to make music. The five-piece band was later renamed AIRPLANE: a gang of nine who turn every gig into one big party with a spontaneous mix of invigorating rhythms and catchy tunes!


At weekends they play in pubs, youth clubs, the AB in Brussels and the Depot in Leuven. They rehearse on Wednesdays, and have been doing so for the past 15 years. “A great tradition! We are a close-knit group of friends, and after rehearsals we go and have a drink together.”


And they do not lack ambition. “A year ago we decided to go into the studio to record an album. The CD, which will have nine songs, will be presented on 4 October at a gig in the Kruitfabriek. We will also shoot a video clip, and we are eagerly looking forward to it!”