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Do you speak digital? Join our IT team!

Telenet’s IT employees work on TIO. What’s that? It's short for Technology & Information Operations. It's a place where Difference Makers such as Joris, Nikita, Peter and Niels come up with and develop ground-breaking products and solutions for internal and external customers. Oh! It’s also where a nice dry sense of humour isn’t just reserved for Fridays. Nailed IT! Sound good to you?




Watch technology

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What does that mean? It means that our employees have the room they need to keep pace with the latest technological (r)evolutions. It also means that ideas and initiatives geared towards improving our IT applications are more than welcome in these agile workspaces.



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No one likes the wrong decisions, right? Well, we use data to make sure we make the right ones. At TIO, we analyse data and make it usable for the internal stakeholders, because they’re the ones calling the shots. That's how we stay a step ahead as a company.


digital first

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To transform digitally, you’ve got to anticipate what the customer needs. Today, that means getting support online and offline for every device – support that’s always fast, smooth and personal. That's why we think digital first!



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Agile teams are flexible (agile!), autonomous teams where each Difference Maker uses their individual expertise to achieve fantastic results as a team. Forget traditional structures and agonisingly slow rounds of feedback. We get out of our comfort zone, say it like it is and adapt quickly. That's how we learn new things every day.



  • You are dynamic. You’ve got ideas, love taking the initiative, and are a natural out-of-the-box thinker.
  • You’re crazy about technology. It’s digital first – all the way!
  • You're a team player. You’re all about new ways of working.
  • You can’t help raving about Spark, Hadoop, IBM, Oracle, Java, Angular and other .NETs.
  • You don’t have to know it all, but you are ready to take on responsibility and create added value for the customer.

What we

What we offer

The opportunity to get started as a Difference Maker in TIO! In other words, to work in an open and trendy environment where team spirit isn’t just an empty phrase, and where you get to work with the latest systems and cutting-edge technologies.

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We take a look at your talent, ambition and eagerness.

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We'll train you to become a Difference Maker!

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You’ll get an impressive salary and a (customisable) benefits package, meal vouchers, group insurance and hospitalisation insurance.

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An annual bonus and a discount on Telenet products.