Using IoT to make a difference

After taking his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Matthias went to the South of France, not for a well-deserved week of sun, sea and beach, but for his PhD on high-frequency electronics, a partnership between the VUB (Free University of Brussels) and INRIA Sophia Antipolis*. “I acquired a lot of experience there, and my passion was confirmed: I want to put technology to the best possible use to solve problems.”

With plenty of R&D experience under his belt, and eager to get started, Matthias started in January 2018 at the Telenet Innovation Center (TIC) as an Innovation Engineer. His mission is to stimulate digital innovation by bringing new ideas to life. “I had read the press release at the end of 2017 in which Telenet announced the opening of the TIC. Not much later, I became the first official staff member. A fantastic opportunity, which allowed me to help shape the TIC.”

Collaborative innovation

In a nutshell, we can put it this way: when a Telenet team wants to acquire experience with new technology and wants to use it to give shape to its ideas, it can get in touch with the TIC. They will help the team on its way and build a first prototype. External parties, too, can call upon the TIC to test new products, services, apps and prototypes using the most state-of-the-art fixed and mobile broadband technology.


As a team member of the TIC, Matthias helps to make the difference in everything to do with IoT. “IoT consists of three major modules: hardware, connectivity, and the platform. Telenet focuses on the connectivity and our platform ‘Telenet Tinx’**. When devices appear on the market that are relevant to Telenet, we install them at the TIC to test them with our connectivity and our Telenet Tinx platform, and to improve them and have them validated by the end user.”


What exactly does Matthias do? He helps teams to further develop a great idea they have come up with. “I set up ‘MVP user tests’, build prototypes to test the functionalities with the end users, and evaluate existing solutions in technical and commercial terms.” In the context of ‘smart home’, Matthias and his team also explore what is available on the market and how Telenet can provide added value in order to launch a global solution. “For example, we examine how we can link ‘smart home’ to a TV experience: is it technically feasible, and do customers want it at all?”

Team work makes the dream work

Team work is tremendously important in order to arrive at new ideas, insights and innovations. We work together with different stakeholders to reconcile what is technically possible, what the customer wants, and where Telenet can offer added value.

Stimulating innovation at Telenet

Additionally, Matthias is in charge of a company-wide innovation program, Apollo 8. People from different parts of the company can register for this program, in which they learn different innovation techniques by applying them to some of their own ideas.


* A research institute specializing in computer sciences and applied mathematics  

** Our IoT platform Telenet Tinx lets businesses easily manage their own network and different devices communicate with each other, while analyzing and visualizing data to arrive at new solutions and insights becomes child’s play.