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to make a difference.

To stay a step ahead in the (digital) world, you’ve got to innovate. And to innovate, you’ve also got to have incredible employees that want to make a difference and a work environment with the freedom to move, grow and make mistakes. Steven, Sam and Arvid are Difference Makers and innovators. What do they do? Scroll and press play!



on safespot

"It's all-in security for
your smart home from your
smartphone to your baby monitor
and your doorbell.

Steven is part of Oikoi, a self-managing team at Telenet that invents and develops products and services to improve the customer's future. Safespot is one of these products. It offers all-in-one Telenet protection from viruses, hacking, phishing, malware and other cyber hazards.


Arvid on telenet essentials

"It's about developing innovative products quickly and effectively.

Telenet Essentials is a service that took Arvid and his team only a few months to launch. It ensures that customers are identified and approached in the best way possible online. New Business Development is all about marketing a product and continuously perfecting it (based on feedback and experience).


Sam on iot

"It’s about devices that make decisions
without the need for human intervention.

Innovation is Telenet’s core business and it's at the
heart of what innovator Sam Schellekens does. Telenet
stands out in the telecoms industry by creating
services that offer added value to Telenet and other companies.


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