Data Specialist

Is data your destiny?

Making data indispensable and making it understandable. Yes (big) data is Big Business at Telenet. Will you be new the enthusiastic colleague of Adri & Annelore, Roel & Frank, William, Thomas & Bert, Lander & Noor?


Your job?

Interpreting, analyzing, advising and making a difference. That’s our core business. But explaining exactly what the job in Data entails is no simple matter.
And that's because our sector is a varied one, which means that we’re also looking for a wide range of profiles. From Business and Data Analysts - who forge links between IT, Business and Data - to Customer Relations staff, who can make the leap to marketing.
The common dominator: data is their destiny. Which position suits you the best? That’s all up to you. We set things in motion. And that applies more than ever to your career.


How can you make the difference?

The star of the show at Telenet? No question, it's big data. So, yes, we're talking about making a huge difference based on our huge supply of data. We translate our data-language into solutions that benefit our customers as well as the way Telenet operates. Amazing database? Amazing customer experience!


Working with data at Telenet means…

Celebrating our
customers every day

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You will analyze and interpret the numbers with the sole purpose of providing our customers with a fantastic total experience. How are our products being consumed? Who is interested in what? And how can we make our service more valuable to customers? The end result is custom-tailored content, more intuitive apps and deals that are easier on the budget.


In data we trust

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Your job is to interpret the figures and advise your colleagues. Based on your input - that's right, we always trust our staff’s judgement - the right customers are targeted, campaigns are launched and important decisions are made.


Data-driven company

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Aside from our employees, what is one of Telenet’s top priorities? The large-scale investment in a wealth of data. Because better products mean better customers. And astute decisions are what always keep Telenet a step ahead. Ah-ah-ah-ah stayin’ ahead.


What we offer

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The fine art of having fun

We are a young, dynamic team that appreciates a healthy dose of initiative. And we definitely keep on our toes. How about joining us for a game of indoor football, where our data team competes against other companies?

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To say that innovation is important when it comes to data is putting it mildly. The latest data forms the basis for our marketing approach and that makes it an absolute must for developing new products for our customers.

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How do you put together your own personal development plan? Well, with our help, of course. We'll keep you right on track for meeting your personal goals.


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