Content acquisition

Turn your hobby into your profession

With a record of more than 3,500 movies, you can safely say that Sven is a true film lover. He is one of the lucky ones who could turn his hobby into his profession: Sven works in our Entertainment team and fills our communication channels with interesting content about films and series.

Sven started his career as a sports journalist at Canal+. After the acquisition by Telenet, he ended up in the 'digital TV' team. "I closely followed the entire roll-out of digital TV. It was my job to get all our films live for the customers: from preparing the images to writing the summary. Gradually this expanded to creating content for newsletters, articles and social media.”

Life course of a film

Initially, a film appears in the cinema first. The purchasing team then decides which films and series Telenet buys. They first appear in ‘à la carte’ and then the go-to-market Entertainment team decides which films and series will be included in the Play More catalogue. About a year later, the film is broadcast on one of the Flemish channels. And only then some films and series will also be included in Play.


It is Svens job to communicate about these films and series. Together with his colleagues, Sven takes care of: summaries of films and series in Play, Play More and à la carte, articles for the entertainment newsletters and our entertainment magazine, press releases, social media posts,... "And of course, as film lovers, we also give advice about which films will be released and can be interesting to buy.”

Monthly call with Erik Van Looy

Every month 'Erik Van Looy's choice' appears in the Yelo Play app and on the website. "I have a monthly call with him to find out which movies he recommends and why.” And next to that, there are also the 'specials' in Play and Play More. "We regularly compile lists, for example 'films with the craziest chases'. Such lists help our customers to choose the right film.” 

A real film fanatic

You probably wonder now whether Sven really watches films during working hours... The answer is no, because that's what he does in his spare time of course. "I was lucky to be able to turn my hobby into my profession. In the evenings and weekends, you can often find me in front of the television or in the cinema. I also went to several film festivals; to watch films, but also to interview movie stars. I just really love writing about films and series.”


During his studies Communication Sciences at the VUB, Sven and some other students founded an online film magazine ( As a student they had a lot of time to go to press visions and soon their site grew into a full-fledged film magazine full of reviews and tips. "I slowly grew out of it, but a few years ago I decided to set up a film website on my own: Here I publish film comments, weekend tips, 'must see' lists,... Every week I add something new. On Movietalk I can of course be a little more critical than in the reviews I write for Telenet.” Sven is also affiliated with, a film website/app for cinema-goers, where you can find out in 123 which films are playing in the cinemas in your neighborhood. "Here too I write reviews and opinion pieces about the ins and outs of the film world.”


Sven dreams of organizing a big film festival one day. "Or having your own cinema, where you decide for yourself what you want to broadcast. That must be fantastic!”


If you need any tips, you can always contact Sven. "Tips and ideas in abundance... I regularly put together a fun movie night for friends and family as well!”