Luna's Story

“Ready, set, go! Onboarding according to Telenet. ”

Having graduated as a master of Communication Sciences, Luna Calogne hesitated between continuing to study or starting on a career. Then, at a job fair of KULeuven, a Telenet recruiter told her about the Young Grad Program. The notion appealed to her so much that she decided to apply. The selection process was smooth sailing and she started on her two-year trajectory in September. So exciting!

Teambuilding in the Ardennes

Prior to that, however, she went on a teambuilding trip to the Ardennes. “This is where the 40 Young Grads met each other for the first time. All different people, yet all nurturing the same ambition. We were split up into smaller groups, playing exciting games and becoming better acquainted in the process. Really interesting.”


Back to basics, sure, but Luna shared a unique experience with her future colleagues. “That three-day event piled on the challenges and proved a real learning experience. We were taught a lot about the others ànd ourselves. Indeed, each assignment was followed by a moment of reflection on everyone's role in the game." That made us realize how important the team process at Telenet is.

And the beat goes on.

Following the cool kick-off in the Ardennes, Luna and the other Young Grads were treated to an intensive onboarding. During these introductory days, they were immersed in information about the company, the customer service, IT, HR and sales. “After the first day, you can also choose to better and perfect yourself with a set of modules you can select at will. To be taken when it suits you best. Easy and flexible.”


Telenet may be a company of over 3,000 people, everyone working here is very open to each other. Thanks to the solid support of her manager and colleagues, Luna’s integration went smoothly as well. “My manager plays a crucial role during my first two months. We have a one-on-one every week, leaving room for questions and new goals. Then I’m given more freedom and start managing my own projects.”


The contact with the other starters gives her a safe, familiar feeling, too. “We get together regularly to share our experiences. We do go through a lot of the same things and help each other out whenever we can.” Telenet’s Young Grad Program is a unique experience for young professionals yearning for more. Ideal for Luna and the other ambitious Young Grads.