Kenneth's Story

“The early bird catches two worms. ”

A month and a half, that’s how quickly Kenneth Van de Mieroop’s application turned into a real job at Telenet. Carrying a Bachelor of International Business and a Master of Business Studies, he applied for his first job at Telenet, as a Young Grad. Just like Telenet’s internet, things went giga fast from there.

No boring job applications at Telenet

“At the end of April, I noticed the finance vacancy and fired off an application email to Telenet. Two days later, there was already an invitation in my mailbox for a speeddate event at the headquarters in Mechelen.” One week later, Kenneth and about ten others joined the first round for one of four vacancies.


Following an HR presentation about the two-year Young Grad Program, the finance vacancies were explained to the candidates in more detail. That same day, two additional interviews followed, one with HR and one with the team leader. “Not a boring job interview with cookie cutter questions, but a candid conversation that genuinely gauged my interests."


The whole thing concluded with a networking event with snacks and drinks. Here’s where Kenneth first met some of his future colleagues and got the chance to ask more questions. All very pleasant and casual.

Incredibly exciting! Meeting the CFO face to face.

One week later, Kenneth received the liberating mail announcing he had made it to the second and final round: an interview with Birgit Conix, Telenet CFO. “That was extremely exciting. Someone like that taking their time for you, really awesome. It really goes to show how easy it is to talk to anyone here.”


Not even a week went by before Kenneth was phoned up by Barbara from HR with an attractive salary proposal. “I didn’t hesitate for one second. The proposal was very attractive and I jumped at the chance." They do not like to waste any time at Telenet, that’s for sure. And that Young Grads drive and eagerness still informs Kenneth’s every move, every day.