Joris’s Story

“At Telenet, I’m helping to build the world of tomorrow”

Even as a graduate IT, you can help to shape the future at Telenet. Take Big Data, for instance. You’ll be right in the front row, discovering technologies and formulating proposals.  

Fresh from school and getting to explain things to the big guy right away. It’s what happened to 25-year old Joris Renkens at Telenet, when he and his colleague were able to formulate some valuable business ideas based on the information available to Telenet. “Develop some concrete proposals that could enrich the overall customer experience or optimize internal business processes”, the assignment said. 

Proving a quick study (and being curious) is particularly important.

Truth be told, Joris didn’t know all that much about Big Data a year and a half ago. He proved eager to learn, though, and learn quickly. “And ultimately, to become a Big Data expert, that capacity is much more important than experience. Indeed, today's technologies will be dated again in three years,” says Rudy Verlinden, ERP & Business Intelligence Director. “To be flexible, have an analytical mind, be curious about new technologies, to be willing to start from scratch over and over again. Those are the qualities we are looking for in an IT person. That fits the profile of a school leaver perfectly, especially since you are never on your own at Telenet. You join a team of six to seven colleagues and are given every opportunity to grow together.” 

As a Big Data Architect, Joris is working mainly on developing new business models for advertising. Together with his colleagues, he investigates whether it is possible to only show customers advertising that is of real interest to them. “A very challenging project to be working on,” says Joris, “because you know you are having an impact and shaping the future of the company and even the media industry. Working IT at Telenet means you are a crucial link in a growth story and you are helping to build the world of tomorrow. And that’s a wonderful feeling.”