Application procedure

Application procedure

Take the test

There are one or more tests to take, depending on the position you’re applying for. The recruiter responsible for the vacancy you’re applying for will inform you in advance about the content and purpose of the test.


For example, you will be asked to fill in a personality questionnaire and a numerical or verbal test, depending on the type of position. Higher positions may require additional assessments. No need to prepare anything for these questionnaires – your common sense will be enough.

Visit us for an interview

If you are invited for an application interview at the headquarters in Woluwe, the offices in Mechelen or one of our regional offices, we will welcome you at the reception. The recruiter or manager in charge will come and meet you, and will accompany you to a reserved meeting room. We’ll then make sure there’s enough time for a relaxed, casual chat with you: about who you are, what your ambitions are and what you want to do for Telenet.

Receive feedback

At Telenet, we all work together to achieve an Amazing Customer Experience. And recruitment is also 100 percent included in this. That’s why we give you and any other candidates the appropriate feedback regarding your application procedure as quickly and as clearly as possible. Within our recruitment system, candidates can log themselves in to check the latest status. In this way, we do everything we can to make your application to Telenet an experience that is as positive as possible.