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Difference Makers, people who pull out all the stops. For customers and colleagues alike. Did you just sign your name on a Telenet job contract? Congrats and welcome, you won’t regret it! These coming months, we will become your staunchest supporters, and we promise to answer all of your questions. We will also tell you everything you want and need to know about Telenet. That way, you’ll become one of our Shiny Happy People, a natural born Difference Maker, in next to no time.



6 months of support, 4 steps



Sometimes the name simply says it all: welcome!
Our app gives you a taster of our unique Telenet vibe even before your first workday begins. You’ll get to know Telenet better with some cool trivia, amazing clips and even a quiz. Awesome? Youbetcha.

Your Difference Maker


From day one a Difference Maker is at your back and call 24/7 – not réally, but you know what we mean – to answer all your questions, reassure you, teach you the ropes and show you around. Cause, hey, we know, getting into that flow those first weeks takes time. It’s perfectly normal.

Come to the Welcome! session


Every two months we schedule a ‘Welcome!’ session at Telenet.  A session that showers our new colleagues in all the nifty, need-to-know information, neatly bundled. On the menu: the Telenet strategy, a meet & greet with the partners and a tour of our trendy buildings. It’ll also let you fire off any burning questions you might have and introduce you to the (future) Difference Makers who took the plunge with you. Get your networking mojo going!

Discover &
Make a difference


As a starter you can make a difference for yourself and your career by getting into the Telenet Good Flow right away. Register for our Telenet Discover modules and make a difference right from the outset.

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