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Talent Development makes a difference


Talent Development at Telenet is so much more than attending the odd training course. It’s a continued process of learning and personalized development: you are in the driver’s seat and you set the pace. That is how you yourself make a difference for your development and career. To be frank, for Telenet and the customers, too, of course. No worries, we won’t be throwing you in at the deep end. You’ll get support from your manager, your colleagues, your HR team, you name it.
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Time for internal mobility

Did you know that more than half our vacancies are filled internally?

At Telenet, we set things in motion and keep things in motion. That applies to careers, as well. Internal mobility keeps you on your toes and your career on the move. We focus on promotion and advocate job rotation. Because this is what we believe: change challenges and stimulates you to keep learning, making a difference for your development.

Ready, mindset, growth!

An ‘agile mindset’ and ‘growth’ are indispensable in a flexible working environment. But
what exactly do we mean? Our working environment thrives on three A’s:
anticipate, adapt and activate. Adapting to changes and developments quickly
and adequately allows you to grow in your job and inspires Telenet, as a stable
company, to remain ahead of the competition dynamically.


Telenet's got talent

From the three A’s to the three P’s. Potential, powerful performances and passion. As things stand, we are fans of ànd willing investors in our Difference Makers. We provide you with the appropriate tools and offer support and training programmes. Universal training programmes, as well as ‘on the job’ training courses ànd specific talent programmes.




At Telenet you can rest assured that you will be coached during every step of your career. Whether you’re a fledgling starter or a veteran manager. Feel a growth spurt coming on? Let us help you stretch your ambitions. And don’t forget: self-coaching makes a difference, too!



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