Your benefits

Wages and benefits that make a difference


Working at Telenet is awesome. The atmosphere is great, the training programmes are interesting, the colleagues are fun and the buildings are trendy. Add in some handsome wages and personalized benefits packages and you’ll know what making a difference really means. Eager to know more?

What we do for you?

We say: have a nice payday!

And we deliver, on time! Your salary is in line with the market and that isn’t the only good news. You can boost your account with bonuses, target-based commissions and loads more.


Extra benefits

The ones that really make a difference and wriggle their way right back to your wallet. Telenet adds many interesting benefits on top of your gross salary. 

- Discounts on Telenet products. That’s right, you get to see Lukaku bag a fresh one live every week, for next to nothing.

- Get a taste of our convenient meal vouchers.

- Hospitalization insurance that also (partly) covers your kids’ orthodontic costs ànd can be extended to cover your entire family.

- A pension fund including extra-legal pension, death benefit and occupational disability schemes.



By car, bicycle, e-bike, bus, train, step or ... on foot. There are endless possibilities to get to your work at Telenet. And how you get here is entirely up to you: why get stuck on a highway to hell when you’d rather take a stairway to heaven by going public. Or solo. The (electric) bicycle is one of our benefits, as is a public transportation subscription, among other things.




Total Reward Statement

In case you just  fell off your chair ... let us explain. The Total Reward Statement is an annual overview of your wages and benefits package. It lists both your visible and less visible (and often underestimated) wage components. Always knowing what’s happening and what’s what, another important Telenet Value.




Know what we mean? You do it every day: you customize your outfit, your lunch, your office (chair), your email signature and even your coffee. Adapting stuff to your personal tastes and needs. That’s the long and short of it. The short of it: Difference Makers can customize their benefits with the Explore Benefits Plan. The long of it: take your pick from a wide range of benefits, then tweak and tune them to your heart’s content:

- ICT Devices. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, …

Extra vacation. Hurray!

- Additional child benefit

- (Electric) bicycle


Impressive, right?

Be sure to check out what we have to offer in terms of development.