How we make a difference for our customers

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Customer Experience Advisors who come up with solutions before Messi puts the winning goal in the back of the net, data scientists edging you on to another horribly thrilling series and salespersons who tell you the time is ripe for going digital, boosting your business like never before. Indeed, every Telenet employee makes a difference, crafting unforgettable experiences along the way. That’s the way we like it, and


How we, as a company, make a difference

Staying Ahead

Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees is a fat tune, no doubt about it. At Telenet, though, we are Staying Ahead. That’s our mission. We make a difference for society by always keeping one step ahead in the digital world ànd making it accessible at the same time. Accessible for whom? Errm … everyone. Together, we see to it that Belgium remains a pioneering force in the digital economy.


How we make a difference for you

Shiny happy people

Got an hour or three? Then we could tell you all about the benefits of working at Telenet. About our smart workplaces, great food, excellent pay and a whole heap of extras. But time is money, so we’ll keep it short (here). We score big time with interesting training programmes, innovations, career opportunities, our amazing work atmosphere - yes, we like to party!!! - and unstoppable teamwork.


Are you the right match for Telenet?

That yellow wink sure is seductive, isn’t it … Are you looking for a job and do you want to know if you have what it takes to become a Difference Maker at Telenet? Do the CompanyMatch test and, who knows, maybe we’ll be dating soon.


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