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Meet our Difference Makers!

Employees? Collaborators? No, the people who work at Telenet are Difference Makers. People who can and dare to make a difference. For you, for us, for themselves. Who they are, where they come from, what they do and especially how they do it … Stijn, Sabrina, Tawfik and Nina will tell you in their own words.

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Engineer & Difference Maker


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Account manager & Difference Maker


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advisor & Difference Maker


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young grad & Difference Maker


What makes us
Difference Makers?


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Giving the customer a great experience, that’s what Telenet is all about. Difference Makers go for superior connectivity, taking top entertainment into living rooms, coaches and forests, all the while boosting business growth with the best digital solutions. As a team, we share one mission: staying one step ahead in the digital world.



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Have some great ideas? Ideas do make a difference and we welcome them at Telenet, at any level. We also stand for authenticity. Every Difference Maker, with his/her own personality and unique skills, helps to shape that unique Telenet vibe. Working, taking initiative and showing courage at the market innovator par excellence opens up a host of opportunities.


'Well played!'

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Choosing for Telenet is making a difference for your career and life. Here, we keep an eye out for talent, ambition and eagerness to learn. You’ll enjoy a wages and benefits package that will get you places. We work in open and trendy workspaces, where collegiality is more than just a word. We’ll coach you, train you and make you part of our story. Come experience it for yourself, our passion is contagious.


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