Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, more than any company can tackle in one go. A clear vision and strategy guides us in maintaining our leading position among Belgian companies in terms of sustainability.


Materiality matrix & methodology

We have made the conscious decision to focus our efforts on the most relevant issues: the materialities. We determine the importance of the various material matters in close consultation and dialogue with our stakeholders. The result is a schematic representation of the sustainability priorities and their relative importance: the materiality matrix.


In spring 2021, the prioritization of our material issues has been updated to reflect the latest societal trends and market developments following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our process to define a new Materiality Matrix


Selecting the 20 most relevant topics in the telecommunications and media industry.


Talking with stakeholders to gauge their interest in the 20 most important questions.  


Determining the (potential) impact of the 20 most important questions on Telenet's operating success.


New materiality matrix


Sustainability Framework 2017-2020

Our sustainability strategy 2017-2020 underscores our commitment to our key stakeholders and reflects their interests as defined by the materialities. Per commitment, we have defined a set of measurable targets to be reached by 2020.

Sustainability Framework 2021-2025

In spring 2021 we have defined a new five years sustainability strategy that reflects our purpose and brand promise to provide technology for human progress to consumers, businesses and society.


Our stakeholders

At Telenet, each department is responsible for developing structured stakeholder relationships. At the corporate level, we maintain dialogues with the following stakeholder groups:


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess the satisfaction of our customer
  • Four values to every new product: simplicity, transparency, focus on loyal customers, and forward-looking
  • Transparent communication around sensitive issues such as price adjustments
  • Actively engage in dialogue with our customers through our social media channels


  • Open, active, and simultaneous communication with all our investors
  • Financial reports in accordance with international standards such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (EU) and the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Telenet annually measures the effectiveness of its sustainability policy by actively participating in external reviews, with focus on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and customer-led audits using the EcoVadis CSR Performance Scorecard.


  • Bi-annual survey to actively assess the satisfaction of our employees and quarterly polls to monitor the employee engagement and well-being
  • A stimulating working environment that encourages personal development
  • Equal opportunities and respect for diversity to ensure our organization is a good reflection of the broader society and our customer base


  • A dedicated Telenet Supplier Code of Conduct, to be signed by all suppliers
  • Using the EcoVadis platform to evaluate and monitor the sustainability risk of each supplier
  • Structural partnerships with suppliers who have a strong social dimension, such as the social profit company Vlotter (IMSIR cvba)

Local community

  • Consultation of local communities and neighborhood committees for major projects like network optimizations in our entire footprint
  • Active support for social initiatives that boost the digital talents of the future, like:


  • Transparent interactions with policymakers, without supporting political parties

Sustainability governance

Successful integration and effective management of sustainability requires a committed leadership and clear sustainability governance principles, underpinned by clear direction and decision-making processes. We apply the following governance principles:

Manage Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria as a risk


Anchor sustainability in our business practices and include ESG targets in executive remuneration and incentive plans


Sharpen the roles and responsibilities of the sustainability bodies:


•The board of directors provides strategic direction

•The senior leadership team provides management guidance and monitors progress on the sustainability agenda

•A dedicated Sustainability Expert team oversees the day-to-day operations and program implementation 

Disclose our sustainability performance through non-financial reporting and participation in third-party assessments  


Our reference principles

We apply the United Nations Global Compact principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide our strategy and our corporate culture, and to drive our daily operations in a sustainable manner.

UN Global Compact Principles

In 2011, we formalized our commitment to these 10 principles with regard to human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, we embraced the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 17 internationally agreed targets for the development of a more sustainable society and economy.


Our latest Sustainability report

The annual sustainability report offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on our corporate responsibility achievements and to engage with our stakeholders on the future of our company.