Our approach to procurement and supply chain

As a leading provider of converged connected entertainment and business solutions in Belgium, underpinned by high-quality fixed and mobile networks, we continuously invest to provide our customers innovative digital solutions and an amazing customer experience. Telenet is part of the Liberty Global Group, the world's largest international TV and broadband company.


We rely on an international network of  suppliers to provide high-quality products and services to our  customers. The main categories of suppliers we work with include  manufacturers of equipment, logistics providers, transportation, data  processing, hosting and related activities.

Key figures

  • Telenet works with more than 3,000 direct suppliers every year.
  • We spend a total of € 1.2 billion a year in procurement and supply chain. The top 65 supplier companies represent 80 % of our procurement spend.
  • Over 74.19 % of our suppliers are based in Belgium.

Building structural partnerships with our suppliers

Our procurement department is responsible for sourcing and procuring a wide range of goods and services, including set-top boxes and other customer products, network services, corporate/infrastructure services, professional services, IT & Technology, marketing and facilities management.

We want to build a strong working relationship with suppliers who are committed to innovation and value generation, who are open to embrace ethical business practices and who manage their supply chain risks in a responsible way.

When we buy products and services from suppliers, we take into consideration a variety of things including cost, quality, delivery, reliability, service and commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

As part of the contractual engagement with Telenet, suppliers should subscribe to our General Terms and Conditions.  Download our General Terms & Conditions.


Managing our supply chain in a responsible way

Sustainability forms an integral part of our business strategy. We pledge to conduct our business in a fair, responsible and transparent manner. We do this by upholding the highest corporate governance standards and by actively addressing the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business operations.


We can only deliver on our sustainability priorities across the value chain if we actively engage with our suppliers to make sure they work according to the same standards and principles as we do.

The Telenet Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our ambition to be a responsible company and to work accordingly with our suppliers. It covers the fundamental principles we want our suppliers to adhere to:


  • fundamental human rights;
  • working conditiions
  • health and safety at work;
  • environmental standards;
  • business ethics.

In addition, we also ask our suppliers to comply with the Telenet Anti-corruption policy and Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain Principles of our parent company Liberty Global. These principles implement international labor standards such as the International Labor Organization Core Conventions, and the UN Treaty on Human Rights, Bribery and Corruption, Health, Safety and the Environment.


Monitoring the performance of our suppliers

Together with Liberty Global, we apply the dynamic scorecard of EcoVadis to measure the ethical, environmental and social risks of our suppliers. This assesses the performance of companies on twenty-one sustainability indicators, grouped into four themes: environmental risk, social risks, ethical risks and supplier risks.


We regularly monitor our suppliers by driving audits. Through proper KPI dashboarding, we ensure all supply chain requirements are met in terms of sustainability, ethical business practices, and planning, production and transportation methods. In the event of non-compliance, we will engage with the supplier concerned and address the issues through a mutually agreed remediation plan.


Working with us

Contact the Telenet Procurement team for more information.