Business practices



We pledge to conduct our business in a fair, responsible and transparent manner. To do so, we apply the highest corporate governance standards and actively engage with our stakeholders to respond to their expectations in relation to our social, economic, and environmental impact.


What we do

Do business in an open and transparent way, taking the expectations of all our stakeholders into account, in relation to our social, economic, and environmental impact.

The UN sustainable development goals we address


1. Limiting our environmental footprint

It is our ambition to grow Telenet as a company while reducing our impact on the environment. Our strategic environmental priorities are improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing the use of resources and generation of waste.


100 %

Telenet uses 100 percent green energy
within its own buildings.


In 2020, 394 tons of waste were avoided by recycling and repurposing used decoders and modems.

Electricity consumption within our buildings

Telenet uses 100 percent green energy within its own buildings. In our daily operations we always look into ways to convert grey electricity into green energy as much as possible.  

Energy efficiency of our network infrastructure

We ensure important savings by upgrading our networks and by replacing old equipment with more efficient equipment. The energy efficiency of the technical stations of the Telenet fixed network and the Telenet and BASE data centers is continuously measured to enable fast adjustment and optimization of the systems and processes.

Energy efficiency of the data centers

Telenet supports the EU Code of Conduct on Data Center Energy Efficiency. To improve the power usage effectiveness values of our data centers, we invest in LED technology, alternating pulsion for climate cabinets, and turbo compressors for cooling units. We are also replacing old cooling equipment and are increasing the use of the server farm.

Clean vehicles & mobility alternatives for company cars

We encourage the use of sustainable mobility solutions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of all passenger vehicles in our fleet. A personalized mobility plan, offers employees flexibility when opting for mobility solutions: they can combine a company car with a rail subscription or a bicycle. They can also opt for a smaller lease car with lower CO2 emissions or an electric car and a compensation for the unused budget. Finally, they can opt out of the company car scheme in exchange for compensation.  


In 2020 we introduced a new ambitious climate action plan to reduce the emissions due to mobile combustion with 60 percent by 2030. The Telenet Move Plan promotes the adoption of greener passenger cars and strives to annually reduce the number of kilometers driven by 5 percent.

Reusing material

A large proportion of the Telenet decoders and modems is recycled. Telenet works with the social profit company Vlotter (IMSIR cvba) in Boom (Flanders Region) on a reverse logistics solution. When buying a new mobile handset at a Telenet or BASE point of sales, customers have the opportunity to trade in their old device.

Correct disposal of waste

We promote rational paper use in our offices and adopt smart and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. In addition, we opt for digital administration solutions, such as digital invoices, meal vouchers and pay slips. The waste that we produce is recycled or permanently removed through energy recuperation (e.g. incineration). Electronic waste is treated separately, whereby around 95 percent is recycled into reusable raw materials or energy.


Tailor-made reverse logistics

Every year, Telenet recycles more than 220,000 decoders and modems that its end-customers return to the Telenet Centers or that are replaced by Telenet technicians.


Since 2007, we have collaborated with the company Vlotter (IMSIR cvba) in Boom (Flanders Region), which offers job opportunities to individuals with limited access to the labor market.  


2. Managing our supply chain in a responsible way

The products and services that we purchase from our suppliers have as much of an ethical, environmental, and social impact as our own products and services. We reward those suppliers who strive for sustainable operations and we encourage the others to improve in that area.



In 2020, an EcoVadis risk analysis was carried
out on 97 Telenet suppliers.


In 2020, Telenet maintained its Gold EcoVadis CSR
Rating with a score of 70 points.

Telenet Supplier Policy

We apply a strict supplier policy that is firmly embedded in our procurement process. Suppliers should comply with the Telenet Supplier Code of Conduct that covers environmental standards, fundamental human rights, working conditions, health and safety at work and business ethics. In addition, suppliers should also embrace the Telenet Anti-corruption policy and the Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain Principles of our main shareholder Liberty Global.

These principles implement international labor standards such as the International Labor Organization (ILO) Core Conventions, and the UN Treaty on Human Rights, Bribery and Corruption, Health, Safety and the Environment. We continuously encourage our suppliers to improve their sustainability performance through information and training.

Learn more about the Telenet Supplier Policy.

EocoVadis sustainability performance assessment of suppliers

Together with our main shareholder Liberty Global, we annually assess the ESG performance of our suppliers using the EcoVadis Dynamic Scorecard. The scorecard reviews the suppliers’ performance on 21 indicators, covering environmental, social, ethical and supplier risks. In case of non-compliance with those principles, we help suppliers take corrective actions. Learn more about the Telenet Supplier Policy.


3. Demonstrating good governance & transparency

We subscribe to a series of internal codes of conduct and external economic, environmental, and social charters, principles, and initiatives. We ensure that human rights are respected across our value chain by setting the highest standards to our employees, our customers and our suppliers.


We apply the United Nations Global
Compact Principles and we embrace
the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Stakeholder Engagement Charter

Our Stakeholder Engagement Charter
ensures lasting, trusted relationships
with our corporate stakeholders.

Commitment to external principles and charters

We apply the United Nations Global Compact to guide our strategy and our corporate culture, and to drive our daily operations in a sustainable manner. We also embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 17 internationally agreed targets for the development of a more sustainable society and economy. 

Commitment to internal Codes of Conduct

We monitor all aspects of our business with several internal codes of conduct. Our Code of Conduct is signed by the management board, senior management, and all Telenet employees. The code includes a number of business policy principles and covers themes such as equal opportunities, fair competition and anti-corruption, confidentiality of information and protection of privacy, proper accounting, conflicts of interest, insider trading and business integrity, protection of safety, health, and the environment, and rules on whistleblowers.


There are special codes of conduct for anti-corruption and bribery, competition, and privacy issues that apply to the entire workforce. Through training and information sessions, Telenet employees are regularly informed about these codes of conduct. Violations can be reported anonymously.


Telenet’s anti-corruption policy is in line with international regulations, the Belgian legislation, and the policy of Liberty Global. The anti-corruption policy has been approved by the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee. It is extensively communicated to all employees and agents, contractors and suppliers. The policy is further clarified with the help of specific examples and practical guidelines. It contains a prohibition on the giving and taking of bribes and, a limitation on the giving and receiving of gifts, a reminder to observe laws and regulations, restrictions on the giving and receiving of gifts, and an obligation of transparency around political donations.


Finally, the Human Rights Statement outlines our commitment to meet the highest standards of corporate governance. It applies to all our key stakeholders, including our customers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers and the local communities we are operating in. 

Stakeholder Engagement Charter


We are fully committed to being a responsible company that takes into account the broader impact of its business activities and corporate decision-making on the community we are operating in. We will continue to engage with corporate stakeholders – including public authorities – through consultation and dialogue. The Telenet Stakeholder Engagement Charter provides a number of principles that ensure we develop lasting, trusted relationships with our corporate stakeholders in an open and transparent way.



Code of ethics for advertising and promotional activities

The high ethical standards that Telenet imposes on itself also apply to its advertising and publicity campaigns. Telenet acts in accordance with the rules of the JEP – the Jury for Ethical Practices in Advertising. The JEP is a self-disciplinary body of the advertising sector in Belgium and safeguards the correct and fair nature of advertising messages. The JEP’s decisions are considered opinions, published on the JEP’s website. Telenet follows these recommendations as far as possible.

Freedom of expression

As a leading provider of Internet services, we have a special social responsibility with regard to the freedom of expression. Our general principle: we do not limit it in any way except when requested to do so by an authorized authority. Together with other Belgian Internet providers, we have signed a Protocol with the Belgian Gaming Commission in which we, in cooperation with the Federal and Regional Computer Crime Unit, take action against websites offering illegal gambling. The judicial powers can also require us to block websites that violate copyrights or distribute illegal pornographic material.


Finally, we are a leading member of the Association of Internet Service Providers in Belgium (ISPA) and adhere to their code of conduct to – in cooperation with Child Focus – prevent and combat child abuse via chat applications and websites.


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Our latest Sustainability Report

The annual sustainability report offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on our corporate responsibility achievements and to engage with our stakeholders on the future of our company.