Great workplace



As an employer, Telenet wants to encourage strong work performance and personal growth in a continuously changing working environment. We drive an employment policy that builds talent and stimulates maximum engagement. And we ensure that everyone feels happy at work.


What we do

We want our employees to be proud to work for
our company and to become real ambassadors. We
want to empower, inspire, and enable them to flourish.

The UN sustainable development goals we address


1. Attracting and retaining the best talent

As a large, dynamic company, Telenet always has a diverse offering of vacancies. Our goal is to attract people from all backgrounds – with a wide range of skills and professional experience. Telenet is convinced that a diverse employee base contributes to more creativity, a strong service delivery, and better corporate results.


Young Graduate Program

The Young Graduate program is a two-year training program for recently graduated master’s students. During this period, they follow a number of targeted trainings based on core competencies such as innovation, leadership, and customer focus. Through pitch and presentation sessions, they get the opportunity to present their competencies and skills to the Senior Leadership Team.

Luna: "Having graduated as a master of Communication Sciences, Luna hesitated between continuing to study or starting on a career. Then, at a job fair of KULeuven, a Telenet recruiter told her about the Young Grad Program. The notion appealed to her so much that she decided to apply. The selection process was smooth sailing and she started on her two-year trajectory in September. So exciting!"

Diversity in talent management and recruitment


Collaboration with VDAB, Actiris, and Syntra
We operate an inclusive HR policy at Telenet, and like to give initial work experience to young people in search of opportunities with the right motivation and attitude. We collaborate with VDAB and Actiris for selection and recruitment, we organise training paths with Syntra, and we coach young employees with little experience to enhance their skills ‘on the job’.

LinkedIn Recruiter Certification
Telenet was the first Belgian company to be LinkedIn certified. The entire Telenet recruitment team was certified as LinkedIn recruiters, after completing an intensive LinkedIn Recruiter Certification Program.


Regardless of linguistic boundaries

If you need evidence that Telenet is a genuinely Belgian company, just look at our colleague Jeoffrey Grambras from Charleroi. “It is great to see how people from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels as well as a lot of other nationalities all work together and get on fine here.”



Difference makers

Employees? Collaborators? No, the people who work at Telenet are Difference Makers. People who can and dare to make a difference. For you, for us, for themselves. Who they are, where they come from, what they do and especially how they do it … Stijn, Sabrina, Tawfik and Nina will tell you in their own words.

'Being different' really makes a difference. Because a workplace with a diversity of profiles leads to new insights, promotes innovation and has a positive impact on the performance and results of a company.

2. Stimulating learning and development

We give every employee the opportunity to actively work on their individual development. We also develop and update our training schedules and measurement methods on a regular basis. The individual talent programs are linked to a competence model and cover both technical and non-technical training courses.


Tailor-made development programs

Telenet is working hard to bring out the talent that is present in our people through various talent programs and training initiatives. We strongly believe in the potential of our staff and are therefore a great fan of tailor-made development programs. In this way our people can fully develop their potential at Telenet.


At Telenet, we share three core competencies:

  • - Learning agility: We learn from experience. With an open, critical and positive mindset,we are curious and motivated to go for the better.
  • - Resilience: We feel comfortable outside the comfort zone. We are firmly rooted and canthrive in a fast-changing and complex business environment.
  • - Being servant: We serve each other to shine. We help each other in order to maximizeour autonomy and growth, and to better connect so we all perform at our
  • best.   

3. Engaging employees through communication and corporate culture

Telenet encourages its employees to actively contribute and engage. Because doing so benefits our products and services and therefore our customers. Employee engagement also translates into a corporate culture that is embraced by all employees.


Employee engagement

Every two years Telenet measures employee engagement through a survey, where results are consistently above the Belgian average. Not only do the results highlight our strengths, they also identify key attention points.

To keep the finger on the pulse and measure employee engagement on a constant basis, Telenet also drives quarterly Mood polls.   

Supporting community engagement

For Telenet, supporting social causes is more than a tradition: it is a fundamental part of our corporate culture. Every Telenet employee is given the opportunity two days a year to do paid voluntary work in one of the social projects for which Telenet provides structural support. Telenet employees also run, bike and play sport for good causes by participating in events like the 20km of Brussels, Antwerp 10 miles, or Kom op tegen Kanker.

Internal communications


We drive regular internal communications using a variety of platforms and tools to ensure all employees are well informed. Underpinned by a clear purpose, strong values and an inspiring corporate story, our internal communications have the power to engage our employees and to turn them into real Telenet ambassadors.   


Community engagement pays

Telenet encourages its employees to actively contribute and engage in the local community. And it pays: stimulating community engagement of employees gives the corporate culture a real boost!


For Telenet, supporting social causes is more than a tradition: it is a fundamental part of our corporate culture.


4. Cultivating employee wellbeing and diversity

As a company, we make every effort to enable employees to find a balance between work and private life, and to keep everyone's resilience high. Telenet promotes a culture of inclusion and diversity, offering equal opportunities irrespective of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or age.


A sustainable employment policy


A career pause is part of the legal regulation of time credit. The maximum duration is one year of the entire career and can be either a full suspension or a reduction of working hours. Upon their return, the employee must take up the same position.
Employment plan for older employees
Companies with more than 20 employees must develop such a plan in order to realize an increased participation rate of employees of 45 years and older. Telenet’s program includes: the promotion of general physical and mental health, a reviewed approach to candidate selection, assessment, and recruitment, additional competencies training efforts, special career development and coaching initiatives, the promotion of internal mobility, and the recognition of acquired competencies.
The employer offers the employee a set of guiding services and advice to enable him/her to find employment with a new employer as soon as possible, or to develop a professional activity as a self-employed person. Outplacement is arranged by law.

Consultation with social partners

The Works Council (WC) (Ondernemingsraad – Conseil d’Entreprise)
has an equal representation and comprises the same number of employer and employee representatives. It is involved in the social, economic and financial policies of the company. Reports from the WC are, as required by law, published to all employees.



The Committees for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW: Comités voor Preventie en Bescherming op het Werk – CPPT: Comités pour la Prévention et la Protection au Travail) is a consultative body that represents all employees and is composed equally. It comprises both employer and employee representatives, the occupational doctor and the internal service for prevention and protection at work. The CPBW is actively involved in the health policy for employees in the performance of their work, the global prevention plan and the annual action plan. This includes the domains of labor safety, health supervision, ergonomics, hygiene, workplace decoration, the psychosocial aspects of work, including bullying, violence, and unwanted sexual behavior, and the (living) environment. The CPBW primarily has advisory tasks around new and changing technologies, work procedures, the design of the workplace, work means, protection measures, trainings, instructions, periodic check-ups, etc.

Health, safety, and wellbeing

The Wellbeing Survey

This survey is conducted every three years based on a scientifically proven tool. It identifies psychosocial risks at work related to work organization, work content, interprofessional work relations, work environment and work conditions, and their impact on stress, burnout, conflicts, and unwanted behavior at work such as (sexual) harassment, discrimination and violence, both on an individual and organizational level.


The Global Prevention Plan
This outlines the company’s wellbeing and environmental goals for five years, as identified through audits, risk analyses, yearly evacuation exercises, periodic and specific inspections, incident and accident analyses, the results of the Wellbeing survey, new legislation or important organizational changes. This is in accordance with the act on wellbeing at work. Every year, progress is measured and goals are reset if needed and translated into specific annual action plans. The status and results on wellbeing are reported yearly to the General Direction Supervision on Wellbeing at Work, which is part of the Federal Government Service Employment, Labor and Social Consultation and to the Committees for Prevention and Protection at Work.


Roles and Responsibilities
The wellbeing policy is carefully monitored at both the business and department level. Directors and managers are responsible for translating the wellbeing policy into their specific businesses and into the global prevention plan and yearly action plans. Advice and assistance is provided by the Safety, Health and Environment team consisting of the internal prevention advisors, the external environmental consultants, occupational doctors from the external prevention service, and other internal and external experts on specific subjects. Internal trusted counsellors and external psychosocial prevention advisors can be consulted by employees for specific psychosocial issues at work, with personalized advice, referral, mediation, and further analysis if needed.


Internal awareness initiatives
All employees are activated as it comes to wellbeing and environment in general and the psychosocial aspects of work in particular. The Resilience Program is a concrete example of how people leaders and regular employees are prepared to cope with stress and uncertainty in times of change. Other training initiatives include work in flow, assertive communications, and dealing with aggression, mindfulness, problem solving and emotional intelligence. When needed, individual employees are referred to an employee assistance program or other forms of personal coaching. For administrative employees, a training program on PC & ergonomics is offered. Retail employees can follow a training on how to prevent and deal with aggression, while technicians in various risk functions receive basic safety training according to the SCC standard (Safety Checklist for Contractors) and specific safety training related to their risk activities (e.g. working at height or very high height, lifting and hosting, working near electromagnetic fields). 



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Amazing customer experience

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Responsible business practices

Everything you need to know about our commitment to a fair, open, and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders.


Our latest Sustainability Report

The annual sustainability report offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on our corporate responsibility achievements and to engage with our stakeholders on the future of our company.