Socio economic impact study



Socio-Economic Impact Study 2014-2019

Digital innovation is an engine to create a richer quality of life, sustainable economic growth, and increased education and employment opportunities. In April 2020, Deloitte released a socio economic impact study of Telenet for the period 2014-2019.


Investing in digital innovation

The revenue Telenet generates, the employment it creates, the tax contribution it pays and the investments it makes, all contribute to the Belgian economy.


Telenet’s total economic impact includes not only its direct impact, but also its indirect and induced impact, taking into account suppliers’ and employees’ spending respectively. Furthermore, Telenet actively invests in technology innovations and network improvements to the benefits of the customers and the evolution of the digital society.


Economic impact 2014-2019 2019
Total impact measured by gross output
€26.7 billion €5.1 billion
Total impact measured by gross value added
€16 billion €3.2 billion
Contribution to the Belgian treasury
€3.1 billion €564 million
Total investments made
-- €587 million

Job creation                    2019
Direct employment
Indirect employment
Induced employment


Boosting the digital society accessible to all

Digital technologies are quickly changing the Belgian economy and society. The digital revolution is responsible for a whole array of new opportunities and over the years to come will be one of the strongest drivers for growth, jobs and wellbeing. In this context, Telenet has set up and supported several structural digital society initiatives over the last years, focusing on boosting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, closing the digital skill gap, reducing the digital divide, and promoting the right digital balance.


Social impact 2014-2019
Boosting innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship
€18.9 million
Nurturing digital skills
€1.2 million
Reducing the digital divide
€62.9 million
Other community initiatives
€5.9 million
€89 million


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