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Digitalization offers significant growth opportunities for society. We believe people should feel good about the way digital can play a part in their lives.


What we do

We want to build a society in which people
enjoy to live and work together, embracing the
possibilities of the digital world to the fullest,
with pleasure.

The UN sustainable development goals we address


1. Investing in high-performant connectivity solutions

Digital innovation is of crucial importance to the prosperity of our region. It ensures a rising quality of life, sustainable growth, and new jobs. Telenet actively contributes to digital innovation by investing in the network and in high-quality products and services. Telenet invests €1.8 million per day in its fixed and mobile networks.


€500 million

in De Grote Netwerf

Telenet is investing €500 million in its fixed network with De Grote Netwerf.

€9.5 million

in the Nexus project

The Nexus project aims to connect business parks across the country.

€250 million

in our mobile network

We are investing €250 million to modernise and add sites to our mobile network.

€12 million

in the SFR network

An investestment of
€12 million SFR network

De Grote Netwerf and Nexus projects

Initiated in 2014, De Grote Netwerf and Nexus projects are turning our fixed network infrastructure in Flanders and Brussels into a high-performing network that will enable our residential and business customers to benefit by 2019 from internet connections with broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps and large data volumes.

Upgrading the BASE mobile network

After the BASE Company acquisition in 2016, we decided to invest in the upgrade of the BASE mobile network across Belgium by 2018. We want to become the reference for mobile telephony services. Our ambition is to boost the current capacity, optimise coverage (3G, 4G, and 4G+), and prepare the network for the future. This way we will be equipped to handle the ever-increasing consumption of mobile data as well as the migration of our 1 million mobile customers to the BASE network.

SFR network investments

The takeover of SFR’s cable operations in Belgium and Luxembourg in June 2017 further extended our footprint, turning Telenet into the largest telecom provider in Brussels. From day one, we've been very hard at work in the 'boot of Hainaut' to bring our network and our services there to the same level as our (high) Telenet standard.


“We did it: our download volume has peaked at 1Tbps”

Bart Pauwels - Technology Leader Capacity


2. Boosting the digital and creative economy

To succeed in the knowledge economy, creativity and entrepreneurship should be encouraged. By doing so, we create economic added value and sustainable growth in a competitive global market. The growing start-up community has already proven that it pays to bet on innovation and creativity – with a good dose of courage and entrepreneurship.


Committing to a strong Flemish audio-visual landscape

As a local player in the Flemish media ecosystem, Telenet has been committed for years to a strong Flemish audio-visual landscape, helping creative entrepreneurs to flourish. Our investment in De Vijver Media NV gives us access to the creative brainpower of production house Woestijnvis and enables us to experiment with converging offers between internet and TV via the TV channels VIER and VIJF. We also invested in the creation of local media productions like Chaussée d’Amour (2016) and De Dag (2018).

Boosting the Belgian start-up landscape

Through the Telenet Kickstart program we are boosting the Belgian start-up landscape by investing in promising entrepreneurs, start-ups, and scale-ups. We build sustainable partnerships and cooperation models in all regions of Belgium to support start-ups along their lifecycle:

  • Community: partnership with Start it@kbc and scouting partnership opportunities in Wallonia and Brussels
  • Acceleration: partnership with IMEC IStart. Key focus on start-ups in the telecom, media, and entertainment sector
  • Sustainable growth: investments in promising start-ups, scale-ups, and spinoffs offering a value-add for the Telenet business units

“We employ an open culture of innovation, focused on collaboration with corporations, academic institutions and start-ups/scale-ups as well”

Kenny Henderyckx - Director Corporate Development


Digital Acceleration

The barriers to doing business digitally are still too great in Belgium. Telenet aims to give small and medium-sized enterprises a helping hand through ‘The Digital Acceleration’. Self-employed people and SMEs can ask for a free visit from an independent digital expert. Between the launch and end of June '18, already 1642 companies got advice from our experts: in total they counselled for 3284 hours!


Telenet Kickstart

Telenet Kickstart boosts the Belgian start-up community. Through structural partnerships with leading incubators and accelerators, we provide mentoring and coaching to early-stage (digital) entrepreneurs, teaching them how to turn their innovative idea into a scalable and market-ready solution. In addition, we accelerate the sustainable growth of promising digital entrepreneurs and scale-ups.


Telenet Kickstart website


3. Nurturing 21st-century skills for children and empowering youth

In today’s knowledge economy, digital skills and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) competencies are imperative. Even today, 60 percent of Belgian companies have issues finding technical/digital experts. We all need to thrive in the digital economy and all need to acquire 21st-century skills. We are therefore investing in lifelong learning initiatives that strengthen the STEM competencies and the entrepreneurial skills for all, in particular youngsters from underserved communities.


CoderDojo Belgium

We support CoderDojo Belgium, a non-profit organization that teaches boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 18 in a group setting to code, build websites, and develop apps and games. CoderDojo Belgium is active in all regions of Belgium and reaches up to 25,500 children per year.


Youth unemployment is a key issue in the digital economy and remains hard to tackle. Low education levels increase the risk of long-term unemployment. The potential to train and activate Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) youngsters and to guide them to jobs, particularly in the digital space, is tremendous. Telenet has therefore partnered with YouthStart, an international organization active in all Belgian regions, to unlock the potential of unemployed youngsters by strengthening their entrepreneurial skills.


A career as a web developer isn’t just reserved for highly trained digital natives. That is why anyone with an interest in digital and a healthy dose of motivation is welcome at BeCode. The high-quality and very labor market-oriented BeCode training specifically targets youngsters and adults from underserved communities. BeCode is currently active in Brussels and Charleroi, reaching more than 140 students. The aim is to extend the operations of the program, of which Telenet is a founder, to Flanders and Wallonia.


“Giving Brussels community initiatives for disadvantaged youngsters a forum”

Ineke Rampart - Corporate Affairs Director


The 'Digitale Duik'

The Digitale Duik (Digital Plunge) was a free festival where visitors were totally immersed in the digital world. Children discovered the improbable things they can do with the digital possibilities of today and tomorrow. Parents could find out how their children can learn to use them safely. The Digitale Duik took place in September 2017.



Coding for girls! CoderDojo4Divas is a day full of fun, discovering, using, and thinking digital. Only for girls up to 18 years of age. In a pleasant and inspiring environment, they familiarise themselves with programming languages, electronics, robots, and fun gadgets.


4. Ensuring basic digital literacy skills for all

Not everybody is a digital native and knows how to fill out a tax statement online or transfer money securely using an e-banking application. The digital literacy gap mostly affects elderly people, women, and socially underserved people. Telenet wants to unlock the potential of digital for all.


Social fee for our products and services

Telenet applies a social fee to all its telecom products and services (Internet, television, fixed and mobile telephony) and thus goes beyond what is legally required in Belgium.


The Telenet Business department also offers – in cooperation with the Flemish government – SchoolNet+, a commercial solution with a social purpose. Under the Schoolnet proposition, we offer elementary and secondary schools and libraries Internet and security packages at a significantly reduced price, approximately 50 percent below standard market rates.
The aim is to provide educational organizations with a fast internet connection and protection against volatile influences. All services are managed and secured by Telenet, thereby taking over the operational responsibilities of ICT-coordinators at schools so they can focus on their key role of enabling teachers in the effective use of ICT tools in the classroom.

5. Promoting the right digital balance

Digital technologies enable people to be connected anytime, anyplace, and on any device. Telenet, however, remains conscious about the downsides of this ‘always on’ lifestyle. It is our responsibility to help people find the right balance: technology should not harm personal interactions, nor present a serious risk to people’s life or health.


‘Smart phones, Smart drivers’

Run in summer 2016 in cooperation with the Vias institute as a major Belgian knowledge centre, this awareness campaign sensitized youngsters about the risks of using a smartphone while driving. Communications included radio spots, social media postings, the distribution of 20,000 leaflets to youth organizations, and promotion at 9 summer festivals across Belgium. Up to 20,000 people visited the campaign website featuring useful information and tips & tricks on the safe use of smartphones in traffic.


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