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The technology as such does not matter to our customers. What does matter is how it helps them gain business productivity, relax or connect freely with others.


What we do

We do everything to give our customers
the best experience possible and to build
lasting, trusted relationships with them.

The UN sustainable development goals we address


1. Bringing the best customer experience

We make every effort to offer innovative products and services to our customers. It helps them gain new knowledge, relax or freely connect with others. These are all experiences to which Telenet actively contributes, thanks to access to fast network connections with high data volumes, quality entertainment for consumers and high-quality business solutions.


Let's ACE it!

Through the Amazing Customer Experience program (ACE), we monitor and analyze the experiences of our customers. This allows us to quickly identify potential pain points and provide targeted corrections.


More about ACE


Fix 2 Go

With the rise of smartphones there is a clear need for a quick repair service. In our BASE shops with a Fix 2 Go corner, we offer a professional repair service for mobile phones and tablets and we also provide associated services, such as mobile phone configurations. A repair takes approximately 40 minutes.


More about Fix 2 Go


2. Delivering top-quality products and services

Positive customer experiences are the foundation of sustainable growth. We therefore make every effort to offer our customers innovative products and services that are easy to use.


We deliver top-quality products and services by applying the following 3 principles:

  • simple and easy product choices
  • clear product information
  • guiding customers towards the best digital experiences

Simple and easy product choices

Telenet Whop and Whoppa. Telenet Play, Play More and Play Sports. BASE 15-25-35-45. WIGO. Thanks to a clear and limited offering, it is easy for the customer to compare different products and to make a fast and informed choice.

Clear product information

With every Telenet or BASE product, the customer will find a leaflet with the general conditions, an installation guide and an explicit CE certificate or technical flyer, if needed. We will also state the legally required information about waste treatment and energy use, and the SAR values of mobile phones.

Guiding customers towards the best digital experiences

We remain close to our customers and actively guide them towards the best digital experiences, using different channels:

  • On the television channel 444 and the Telenet YouTube Channel short videos provide extra information on Telenet products.
  • On My Telenet, customers can subscribe to various Telenet newsletters.
  • On the Telenet and BASE social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we enter into a dialogue with our customers.
  • On the Telenet story platform SNAP the customer can read more about the Telenet company and our entertainment offerings.
  • On the SFR website and through personal mailings, the customer can stay fully up to date on the latest SFR products and services.

Based on You

A lot of surfing, fewer calls. The opposite the following month? No problem! Based on You is the first monthly mobile plan that automatically adapts to the needs of the customer.

And if the customers haven’t used it by the end of the month, they just carry what's left over to the following month.


Online Community Forums

On our Online Community Forums – Telenet Netweters and BASE Go Mobile Forum – customers ask questions, share experiences and make suggestions to improve new or existing products.


Telenet Netweters website

BASE Go Mobile Forum



Launched in June 2016, WIGO is the first genuine all-in package for families and businesses.
75 percent of our customers who turned to WIGO pay less than before.

3. Ensuring privacy & data security

Earning trust implies that all customer interactions are handled with respect for privacy and data security. We manage a vast amount of information from and about our customers. This requires us to apply the highest standards when it comes to privacy and data security.


Telenet Customer Data Policy

The Telenet Customer Data Policy describes what information we process, why we do this and what our customers’ rights are. The policy is applicable to all commercial activities of Telenet and BASE and is publicly available on the respective websites. The policy has been recently updated so it's fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Telenet Customer Data Policy

BASE Customer Data Policy

The Privacy and Security Councils

Since 2014, the Privacy Council has discussed all privacy matters and priorities. It comprises representatives from the various business departments. The Security Council formulates strategic recommendations around risks and threats arising from malicious or erroneous use of data.

Cyber Security Road Map

The Cyber Security Road Map outlines the most important security projects and is revised annually based on the recommendations of the Security Council.

Internal awareness through training

Employees receive an introduction to privacy and security while attending the mandatory Business Discovery Day. An online training course on privacy and data security was launched in autumn 2016 following the changes applied to the Telenet Customer Data Policy. In April 2018 we started an internal awareness and training program on privacy and personal data protection in order to stay compliant with the latest regulations like the European General Data Protection Regulation.


4. Driving transparent pricing & billing

We have a responsibility to drive a transparent pricing and billing policy, ensuring the best value for money to our customers and earning their long-term trust.



We strive to transparently show our prices and any other costs both on our websites and in our promotions or advertisements. One-off costs for activation, installation or the exchange of hardware are shown as clearly as possible on our website.


Telenet customers who choose to receive an electronic invoice will automatically receive an email notification when a new invoice is available on My Telenet, where invoices can be viewed for up to fourteen months. BASE customers can review their invoices online in the customer section of the BASE website or on the MyBASE application. SFR customers can review their invoice on the MyAccount platform.

Proactive communications

When making important changes to our products and services, we notify customers well in advance via email or through bill inserts. 

No notice period

We do not apply a notice period for product bundles, Internet, fixed or mobile telephony and television, with the exception of the paid channel package Telenet Play Sports where a legal contract term of six months is applied as set by the Telecommunications Act. 

Tariff Plans

We proactively contact customers for whom it is cheaper to change to a product formula that better matches their product use.



Everything you need to know about our commitment to society and local communities. 



Everything you need to know about our commitment to our employees. 


Responsible business practices

Everything you need to know about our commitment to a fair, open, and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders.


Download our sustainability report 2017

The annual sustainability report offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on our corporate responsibility achievements and to engage with our stakeholders on the future of our company.