At Telenet we are actively engaging with our stakeholders by driving constructive dialogues that lead to long-term trusted relationships. Our most important stakeholders are our employees, our customers, the shareholders, social groups, governments and regulators, labor unions and suppliers.


More information on Telenet’s approach to stakeholder engagement can be found in the Telenet Sustainability Report.

Our customers

icon customers
  • Telenet uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess the satisfaction of its customers.
  • Telenet applies four values to every new product: simplicity, transparency, focus on loyal customers, and forward-looking.
  • Telenet maintains transparent communication around sensitive issues such as price adjustments.
  • Through our social media channels we actively engage in dialogue with our customers.

Our investors

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  • As a listed company, Telenet openly, actively and simultaneously communicates with all its investors.
  • Telenet issues financial reports in accordance with International standards such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (EU) and the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Our employees

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  • Telenet actively assesses the satisfaction of its employees through the annual Zoom survey.
  • Telenet employees work in an environment that encourages personal development.
  • Telenet gives young employees the opportunity to develop their talent in the Young Grads program.
  • Telenet promotes equal opportunities and works on diversity to ensure our organization is a good reflection of the broader society and our customer base.


icon suppliers
  • Telenet uses a code of conduct on sustainability that has to be signed by every supplier.
  • Telenet evaluates and monitors the sustainability risk of each supplier through the Ecovadis platform.
  • Telenet develops structural partnerships with suppliers who have a strong social dimension, such as the company IMSIR.

The local

icon local communities
  • Telenet consults local communities and neighborhood committees for major projects, such as the roll-out of ‘De Grote Netwerf’ project in Flemish cities and municipalities.
  • Telenet actively supports social initiatives that boost the digital talents of the future, like CoderDojo Belgium, ToekomstAtelierDelAvenir and YouthStart.

policy makers

icon policy makers
  • Telenet has adopted a charter with specific guidelines on stakeholder engagement, with a particular emphasis on our dealings with public authorities.
  • Telenet is a member of professional organizations, such as the ISPA (Belgian Internet Service Providers Association), the GSMA, Cable Europe and the Agoria Federation of Telecom Operators.
  • Telenet seeks transparent interactions with policy makers, but does not support political parties.