We want to build a society in which people enjoy to live and work together, embracing the possibilities of the digital world at the fullest, with pleasure. In this digital era, we want to make a real difference by engaging with our customers and employees in an inclusive and empathic way. We are committed to building an open and transparent relationship with all our stakeholders, looking them straight in the eye and responding to their expectations when it comes to our social, economic and environmental impact.

Our sustainability strategy

At Telenet we strive for sustainable growth, with a good balance between operational excellence and social responsibility, taking into account the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business operations. 
As part of our transformation program following the BASE Company acquisition, we have taken the opportunity to thoroughly rethink our sustainability strategy. Not to drastically change course, but to ensure that in terms of sustainability, we also maintain our leading position among Belgian companies.
The new sustainability program underscores our commitment to the key stakeholders and reflects their interests as defined by the materialities. Download here the Telenet Sustainability Framework (2017-2020).

Our commitment to the UN Global Compact Principles

United Nations
In 2011, Telenet signed the United Nations Global Compact. This contains ten principles with regard to human rights, environment and anti-corruption.
Telenet is actively applying these principles to guide its strategy, corporate culture and daily operations.
We do report progress achieved on these principles on a yearly basis, as shown in the annual Telenet Sustainability Report

Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainability Goals
In 2015, Telenet signed the Sustainable Developments Goals of the UN, 17 internationally agreed targets for the development of a more sustainable society and economy. We are actively contributing to 9 Sustainable Development Goals .

Our performance

The annual Sustainability Report offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on our corporate responsibility achievements and to engage with our stakeholders on the future of our company.