Social responsibility

Our commitment to society

At Telenet we strive for sustainable growth, with a good balance between operational excellence and corporate responsibility, taking into account the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business operations. Together with our employees and our partners, we want to make a positive contribution to the Belgian digital economy and build a digital society that is accessible to all.

Material issues

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Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept. More than one company can tackle at the same time. Therefore Telenet has made the conscious decision to focus its efforts on the most relevant issues: the materialities



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At Telenet, we believe in openness and transparency. That’s why we are actively engaging with our stakeholders by driving constructive dialogues that lead to long-term trusted relationships. Bij Telenet geloven we in openheid en transparantie.



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Telenet is committed to being a responsible company that takes into account the social, economic and environmental aspects of its business operations.
We take a structural approach to sustainability with clear commitments and a transparent performance reporting on a yearly basis.  



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Telenet is actively investing in corporate responsibility programs that help build a digital society accessible to all. All programs are closely aligned to our materialities and show our ongoing commitment to our stakeholders. Our structural corporate responsibility initiatives ensure we maintain our leading position among Belgian companies in terms of sustainability. 


Our Sustainability Reports

The annual sustainability report offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on our corporate responsibility achievements and to engage with our stakeholders on the future of our company. In doing so, we consciously look beyond our own products, services and balance sheet figures – at the world that surrounds us and in which we want to be a responsible player.