Reference offer  FIX

Reference offer for the wholesale resale of and access to the television services and resale of Telenet's broadband services.

The documents below constitute the Reference Offer Television Services (including Interactive Services) and Broadband Services based on the CRC Decision of 29 June 2018.


The documents were amended on April 29, 2021 following the decision of the CRC of March 25, 2021 on the approval of Telenet's reference offer. The amended documents were sent to the regulator on 3 May,2021.


The content of these documents can be changed at any time by Telenet, following a decision by a Regulator or by a decision of a relevant judicial authority. Depending on the circumstances, any change to this document will be notified to the Beneficiary in an appropriate manner and published on the Telenet website.

Prerequisite to start the implementation

  • After receiving your contact request, we will contact you by phone to explain the high-level cooperation. For more detailed discussions, a signed NDA is required.
  • The implementation starts after receipt, by registered letter, of the documents described in the Valid Request Framework document. 
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The services described under the terms in the Reference Offering include:


.A basic service for the provision for use by the end User of the network components of the Telenet network, from the transfer point to the transit point, which enable access to the internet, as well as the associated installation, maintenance and repair actions that are required for the establishment and maintenance of the basic service.


The basic service for the delivery of radio and television signals via DVBC over the Telenet network up to and including the takeover point of the end user and the associated installation, maintenance and repair operations that are required for the establishment and maintenance of the basic service.